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What Type of Clients Do We Work With?

We work primarily with independently-minded women, men and couples who struggle with emotional blockages who feel isolated and afraid, but who are ready to take responsibility for their challenges. You might be a client if you struggle with feeling not good enough and self-critical. We can help you create emotional strength, providing you with education, tools and support so that you can eliminate pain and fear. As a result of Emotional Change-Work Therapy, results may include deep feelings of self-acceptance, self-love and having more fulfilling relationships. 

What is Emotional Change-Work Therapy?


Emotional Change-Work TherapyTM (ECT) uses a combination of cognitive therapies and clinical hypnotherapy to help clients achieve lasting and profound change. Through lovingly teaching a client how to take responsibility for their challenges as well as providing an array of tools such as life coaching, homework exercises, group work and other emotional development tools, a client can remove limiting subconscious beliefs about themselves while developing a strong foundation of true self-acceptance and core emotional strength. 

The Wellness Benefits of Hypnotherapy


You may already know that hypnotherapy is an extremely effective wellness tool for making long-lasting, positive transformational changes in your life. What you may not know is how far ranging the uses are that many people such as yourself have healed themselves from using hypnotherapy Phoenix provides. Here is a short list of the many uses of hypnotherapy which can help you:


• Improve Confidence / Self-Esteem

• Stress Relief

• Positive Attitude / Outlook

• Resolve childhood issues

• Improve your relationships

• Improve Overall Wellness


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Please note:  Due to our specialization in Emotional Change-Work TherapyTM, we no longer treat clients for weight management, smoking cessation, breaking bad habits and some phobias.  (watch video)





"I have had great success with hypnosis in the past and decided to try it again to see if it could help me with another long-term, deep-rooted issue. After checking out different hypnotists, I chose to meet with Todd after listening to him on his website. It was a wise choice. The last three months have been an incredible journey. Although I had a lot of experience with hypnotists, I had not previously worked with a life coach/hypnotist. Huge difference!  In addition to having a wonderfully soothing voice, Todd possesses an amazing collection of tools and has the keen insight to know which ones to use to help you really get to know yourself so that together you can decide the best course of action to tackle what needs to be done. Not only did we tackle the issue, in the process, I became an entirely different person. Todd truly loves to help people, and I am so thankful I was drawn to him. He is an amazing individual, and I highly recommend him to anyone that needs assistance with any issue."   Sandy, Phoenix, AZ    


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1717 East Bell Rd.  Suite #7  Phoenix, AZ 85022

We are located on the south side of Bell Rd. between N. 17th St. and N. 18th St.  We are directly in the middle of the business plaza, under the steel awning and patio garden.(See office hours)



“I have lived in The Valley for the past 15 years, and AHC is the best place

for Hypnotherapy Phoenix!” -from a client




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Why Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis has been in use for over 50 years, and it has been approved and endorsed by the American Medical Association (AMA) since 1958.  Hypnotherapy Phoenix can help you to create lasting change for how you think, how you feel, and how you react and behave in your life.  In fact, sometimes ailments that have been around your entire life can be “shifted” with dramatic results with a few hypnotherapy treatments.  Hypnotherapy is relaxing, and changes can happen quickly that bring you back to life.



What to Expect from Hypnotherapy:


We combine Hypnotherapy with Neuro-Linguistic Therapy (NLP) while in a private setting.  During your time in treatment, we will guide you in relaxing, overcoming blockages from within your mind, and show you that life goes beyond the tapes that the mind wants to play out for us.  The subconscious mind doesn’t know any better, but we can reprogram it with ease to eliminate pain and unnecessary suffering.  We will hold your hand as you walk through your own transformational process of healing so that you can return to the life that you want.  For Hypnotherapy Phoenix offers some of its best at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic.



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