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Why Would You WANT to Work with Us?

• Learn how to stand in your power.
• Create a deeper connection with yourself.
• Free yourself from the opinions of others.
• Create more loving behaviors in your relationships.
• Maintain guilt-free healthy boundaries with everyone in your life.  (And much more!)

We Don’t Target People Who “Need Therapy." We help:

• People who like the way we do business.
• People who want emotional support.
• People who are ready to take emotional responsibility for their problems.
• People who want their coaching/hypnotherapy to include easy things they can do on their own.
• People who want long-term results and know that anything worthwhile comes from a commitment to change.
• People who are willing to trust themselves and trust us to help them delve into their emotional life.

People Who May Dislike Working with Us Could:

• Want a quick fix, magic pill or only symptom relief.
• Need something done by "X" date before this "thing" or event happens.
• Need help forgetting an ex-partner or finding a lost object.
• Not want to look into their feelings for answers via our coaching and hypnotherapy. 
• Not want to take responsiblity for their change, but would rather have us change them. 
• Not want to respect our company policies and rules due to their situation or preferences.

What Do You Treat? 

Here is What we treat  and  What we do not treat.




Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions (comprehensive list)


Myths about Hypnosis


Myths about Therapy


Checklist - Are you ready to work with us?




We are not your average Hypnosis practice. No, we're much more, we promise.


We're different.  We do what no other hypnotherapy clinic we've seen does. We've taken a therapy as simple and harmless as hypnosis and turned it into a full service Personal Development company, using Emotional Change-Work Therapy, Advanced Life Coaching techniques, Hypnotherapy, and other Personal Development Tools to offer you transformative, long-lasting results.

As we've worked with clients over the years, we started noticing that people wanted more of the "good stuff" we were offering, and less of the quick fix novelty hypnosis they've heard of before. They were tired of traditional therapeutic approaches which lasted for years on end with questionable results. They wanted something progressive, fun, interactive, ALIVE! They wanted support, but were tired of feeling like they were perpetually "broken." As we offered the type of support and development people were wanting, they learned that emotional change-work can be fun and effective. Then they told their friends, and everyone started coming in droves. Even counselors and psychologists became clients!
You deserve to feel better from doing personal development work without feeling like you're being institutionalized. We will treat you like a normal human being. We have no straight jackets. We don't use cattle prods. Personal Development and Emotional Change-Work Therapy is for normal, everyday people who have jobs, have relationships, go grocery shopping, have friends, have kids, own large companies, you name it. You're not as odd as you might think. You having your challenges is very normal. It just feels isolating and paralyizing when you keep it to yourself.


- Todd and Kyra



What is Emotional Change-Work Therapy?

Emotional Change-Work TherapyTM (ECT) uses a combination of cognitive therapies and clinical hypnotherapy to help clients achieve lasting and profound change. Through lovingly teaching a client how to take responsibility for their challenges as well as providing an array of tools such as life coaching, homework exercises, group work and other emotional development tools, a client can remove limiting subconscious beliefs about themselves while developing a strong foundation of true self-acceptance and core emotional strength. 




"I have had great success with hypnosis in the past and decided to try it again to see if it could help me with another long-term, deep-rooted issue. After checking out different hypnotists, I chose to meet with Todd after listening to him on his website. It was a wise choice. The last three months have been an incredible journey. Although I had a lot of experience with hypnotists, I had not previously worked with a life coach/hypnotist. Huge difference!  In addition to having a wonderfully soothing voice, Todd possesses an amazing collection of tools and has the keen insight to know which ones to use to help you really get to know yourself so that together you can decide the best course of action to tackle what needs to be done. Not only did we tackle the issue, in the process, I became an entirely different person. Todd truly loves to help people, and I am so thankful I was drawn to him. He is an amazing individual, and I highly recommend him to anyone that needs assistance with any issue."   Sandy, Phoenix, AZ    


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18206 N. 19th Ave, Ste 2B (Upstairs), Phoenix, AZ 85023

We are located on the west side of 19th Ave just south of Union Hills. We share a parking lot with TLC Child Enrichment and you can see the TLC sign on the road.(See office hours)



“I have lived in The Valley for the past 15 years, and AHC is the best place

for Hypnotherapy Phoenix!” -from a client




Want to See More benefits of hypnotherapy Phoenix?  



Why Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis has been in use for over 50 years, and it has been approved and endorsed by the American Medical Association (AMA) since 1958.  Hypnotherapy Phoenix can help you to create lasting change for how you think, how you feel, and how you react and behave in your life.  In fact, sometimes ailments that have been around your entire life can be “shifted” with dramatic results with a few hypnotherapy treatments.  Hypnotherapy is relaxing, and changes can happen quickly that bring you back to life.



What to Expect from Hypnotherapy:


We combine Hypnotherapy with Neuro-Linguistic Therapy (NLP) while in a private setting.  During your time in treatment, we will guide you in relaxing, overcoming blockages from within your mind, and show you that life goes beyond the tapes that the mind wants to play out for us.  The subconscious mind doesn’t know any better, but we can reprogram it with ease to eliminate pain and unnecessary suffering.  We will hold your hand as you walk through your own transformational process of healing so that you can return to the life that you want.  For Hypnotherapy Phoenix offers some of its best at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic.



Call 602-759-5776 for an appointment today!


Arizona Hypnotherapy Clnic has some of the best practitioners of Clinical Hypnotherapy Phoenix Arizona has to offer.


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