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How does Hypnosis work?



People ask me all the time, “How does hypnosis work?”  Here is the answer you’ve been waiting for.  After reading this, you will be better informed on how hypnosis works, and on deciding if hypnosis is the right choice for you.


The state of hypnosis is a very common state and one that you are in for most of the day. There are different degrees of hypnosis that are easily explained in the following way. Imagine that you have a yard stick coming up from the ground. Marked on the stick is a scale from 1 to 10.  There is a pointer on this yard stick.  When the pointer is at 1 you would be considered conscious, awake and aware, able to communicate, verbalize recalled information and solve a math problem. When your pointer is moved to 10 you would be considered asleep, where time seems to contract and you don’t recall every moment you were asleep. This is a time where you dream and your body detoxes. In a suggestible state of hypnosis, your pointer would be located between 4 and 6. You can hear what is being said, but choose to stay relaxed with your eyes closed and open to receiving good suggestions.


When people ask, “How does hypnosis work?” some of them worry that they will be under the control of the hypnotherapist.  You don’t need to worry because you cannot be given suggestions that your subconscious mind doesn’t agree with or accept. In fact, many people have benefitted from hypnosis. You may see your problems and habits as illogical and not making sense as to why you would do them. For example: smoking, getting angry at the drop of a hat, being afraid of the number 3, or drinking too much. The interesting thing is that your subconscious mind does everything for a reason. Tapping into that reason can happen within the first session. Releasing that reason can take a bit longer, but not forever. The change has to be as important to your subconscious mind as it is to your conscious mind. In essence, your conscious mind gets the big ideas about change and the subconscious mind determines when, where and how these changes will be made. In better understanding how does hypnosis work, it makes it significantly easier for the subconscious mind to become more flexible and adjust to changes more quickly.


Traditionally, hypnosis was used in the 1890’s as a way to alleviate pain, help with sleep and psycho-somatic disorders and anxiety.  Currently, Hypnosis has been popularized with its help in Weight Loss and Stopping Smoking, but its uses are vast. The brain and spinal cord are the first things to be created. The brain affects everything in the body. If there is incongruence in brain, the body will respond in kind. Hypnosis isn’t necessarily the end game for your issue, but it is a powerful ally in helping you to let go of the issues that you have been challenged with. There is NO magic pill or procedure, but your education and insight into the problem at hand can shift your awareness well enough to give you the wiggle room for the development which is necessary for change.  Now that you have an answer to “how does hypnosis work?” maybe you can now see yourself have an easy time making positive changes in your life. 


With Love,

Kyra Schaefer, C.Ht.


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