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30 Hours of Life Coaching for $47  ($500 value) 


Features of this product:


- MP3 format (45 minutes to 1 hour each)

- Listen online or download

- Life Coaching provided by Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic



These are the coaching MP3 audios you will receive:

Managing Your Emotions Using the Emotional Scale
2 The top 5 Reasons we Let People Take Advantage of Us (and How to Change It)
3 Strength is Weakeness, Weakness is Strength
4 How to Stop People Pleasing
5 The Necessary Art of Saying No
6 What it Means to Be Authentic
7 20 Ways to Stand in Your Power
8 Stop Being So Hard On Yourself
9 How to Be Peaceful with the Unknown
10 Separating Worth from Externals
11 Removing the Walls Around Your Heart
12 The Power of Vulnerability
13 Debunking the Lies You May Be Believing about Yourself
14 5 Ways to Break Free from Tribal Thinking
15 How to Navigate the Emotional Scale
16 10 Secrets to Living a Super Healthy and Vibrant Life
17 Client Takeaways
18 The Ultimate Guide to Setting Healthy Boundaries
19 Tips for Living a Happy Life
20 Getting off the Battlefield with Your Parents
21 Parent Tapes
22 Truth vs Myth about Attack
23 How to Identify and Avoid Compromising Situations
24 How to Break Out of Victim Mentality
25 We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve
26 Tips for Releasing Self Neglect & Increasing Self Love
27 How to Get Our of the Angry Controlling Victim Cycle
28 How to Feel Innocent, Lovable and Worthy
29 How to Unhook from the Need for Approval Using Your Choices
30 How to Practice Unconditional Love in Relationships



After you have purchased this product:


- We will email you access to the audios, generally within 24 hours. 

- We guarantee your access to the audios for 2 weeks, therefore, we recommend that you download the audios for future listening. 

- Due to the nature of downloadable content, there are no refunds issued once a purchase has been made.

- By purchasing, you agree that the audios are for your personal use only. We ask that you do not attempt to share the audios as they are trackable online.


Here is a free coaching audio that we gift to you at no cost, to help you see if you like what you'll be receiving.


20 Ways to Recognize and Overcome Self-Sabotage



You deserve limitless confidence along your personal development journey.  Please enjoy this limited time offer with my compliments.  -Our Office Staff


(Our Office Staff would love to speak to your small group or organization!  For scheduling, call Our Office at 602-759-7630.)


Enjoy these audios for 

Only $47


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