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Audio/Video Library


These free audios/videos are for your education and enjoyment. 



Videos/Audios on Emotional Change-Work Therapy


You Can Overcome Your Emotional Troubles - (Video) - (1min)


Our Emotions are Opportunities to Unravel Our Mind - (Video) - (3min) 


Why New Intake Clients get Excited Once They Meet Us - (Audio) - (3min) 


What We Look for in Assessing New Intake Clients - (Audio) - (2min)


How the Unravelling Process Works in Your Mind and Emotions - (Audio) - (5min)


Straight Talk about Hypnotherapy: How We Work and How You Benefit - (Audio) - (37min)



Client Experiences with Hypnotherapy (Ht) & Emotional Change-Work Therapy (ECT)



Client #1 - After 1 Session (Ht) - (1min)


Client #2 - After 2 Sessions (Ht)  - (1min)


Client #4 - After 8 Sessions (Ht) & (ECT) - (4min)


Client #5 - After 13 Sessions (Ht) & (ECT) - (4min)


Client #6 - After 18 Sessions (Ht) & (ECT) - (5min)


Client #7 - After 32 Sessions (Ht) & (ECT)  - (13min)


Client #8 - After 34 Sessions (Ht) & (ECT) - (9min)


Client #9 - After 44 Sessions (Ht) & (ECT) - (9min)



How the Mind Works



Why We Act Out Unconsciously - (1min)


Why Understanding Our Issues Alone Isnt Enough to Create Wellness - (2min)


Why We Choose Instant Gratification Over True Desire  -  (3min)


Your Subconscious will Support Any Choice You Make, Good or Bad - (2min) 


The Real Reason Why People Choose to Work with AHC - (2min)


How Your Brain Rewires Quickest - (1min)


The Fastest Way Out of a Negative Behavior - (1min)


It's about Working on the Right Things - (1min)



Life Coaching Excerpts



Empowering vs. Enabling Others - (1min)


The Reason People Don't Change - (1min)


The Toll Looking for Approval Takes on Our Self Esteem - (2min)






AHC on KFNX 1100 Radio - Our Office Staff and Your Professional Friend  -  (43min)

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