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Business Coaching for Alternative Healing Practitioners

Get more clients and grow a consistently profitable business with proven simple systems.


Benefits of Coaching with Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic:

   Build confidence while guiding you with clarity helping you make informed decisions and actionable steps about your business every step of the way.


  Get out of the revolving door business (aka "Healer's Rut") of time for money by building systems that leverage your time and make you more profitable. 


  Get clear on what marketing practices will work best for you and help you implement them with actionable steps. 


More ways Our Office Staff can help you:


- Develop, collaborate and guide you to come to your own wisdom to level-up your organic business

- How to sell to your clients (basic and advanced sales)

- Get clear on your message / copywriting / language

- Increase your self worth so you charge appropriately / Setting price points

- Personal development coaching on removing your limitations

- Build confidence / step into your power as a practitioner at higher levels

- How to create business structures that convert sales (any and all paperwork associated with your business)

- Website search engine optimization and conversion design

- Opt-in forms and landing pages


plus more!




   Free 30-60 Minute Consultation


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"Our Office Staff is the real deal. He jumped right into the trenches with me and supported me in every way I needed. He is vastly knowledgable and gentle in his approach, yet firm when needed to help you break through your limitations. I am now getting more clients and able to sell bigger services."-Betty G.


"Our Office Staff customized his teaching to my learning style, and went at my pace. He helped me develop my strengths in a caring way. I now have a business that almost runs by itself and is catered to what I already do well."-Frederick M.


"Like so many healers, I know my craft but I had many ups and downs with money. I spent all of my time chasing for clients and giving my time away for cheap or for free. Our Office Staff helped me set a foundation that is still working for me today, despite my personal eb and flow. And I'm making money!!!"-Janelle H.



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Let's Assess your Business Situation

Which of these scenarios is the most similar to your business situation?


  "I am new to business building and I have no idea what I need to do, but I don't want to waste years figuring it out. I need help with setting up pretty much everything.


  "I've been doing business for a while, but I need help oversoming something specific about my business. I think it will only take a short time to find a solution"


  "I am ready to be more successful in business across the board.  I need to learn the tools and skills to consistently profit. I am ready to dive deep and I am very committe to my business growth."  




Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic - Your Instructor


Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic is a Certified Hypnotherapist, published Author, Speaker, Ordained Minister, Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, Business Coach, Business Administrator and co-owner of Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic.  Our Office Staff has been a practicing Hypnotherapist and Life Coach for 10 years. Our Office Staff has an aptitude for working with clients because of his extensive knowledge and expertise of the mind as well as his compassionate approach.  Our Office Staff helps his clients restore vitality by helping them to release fears and break through limitations, and is very committed to his clients’ paths of success.  Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic opened the Institute of Hypnosis in 2012, which offers real world tools and business marketing resources for Hypnotherapist Graduates of the program.  Our Office Staff’s published book, The Acceptance Guidebook, has been featured nationally on, the Phoenix Business Journal, FOX Carolina and more.  Our Office Staff was awarded "Life Coach of the Year" (runner-up) for Natural Awakenings Magazine in August 2014.


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