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Frequently Asked Questions

WAIT A SECOND!  Please take a few minutes to read through this webpage.  There's a good chance we have already answered your questions below.  After you've finished reading this FAQ page, feel free to call us to schedule your 1st free appointment (or if you still have questions).  We will be happy to take your call, and we look forward to meeting you!  

I live outside of Phoenix (out of state or international).  Do you offer Phone or Skype sessions?
Yes!  Please click here to learn more.
What type of clients do you work with?
We work with independently-minded singles and couples who struggle with emotional blockages who feel isolated and afraid, but who are ready to take responsibility for their challenges. You might be a client if you struggle with self-criticism and feelings of inadequacy.  We can help you create emotional strength, providing you with education, tools and support so that you can eliminate pain and fear. As a result of Emotional Change-Work Therapy, results may include deep feelings of self-acceptance, self-love and having more fulfilling relationships.
What is the "Free 30-60 Minute In-Office Intake Assessment?"
All prospective clients receive a free 30-60 minute meeting with a hypnotherapist (required meeting), which includes a detailed interview outlining the client's goals, and gives the hypnotherapist a chance to focus on the core issues.  Suggestibility tests will be conducted for hypnotic approach.  We will explain how we conduct hypnotherapy.  We will explain Emotional Change-Work Therapy; what it is, and how we use it to help the new client achieve their goals with longer lasting results.  We will explain the scope of what working together would look like given the clients issues and goals, including the number of recommended sessions provided at the end of the Intake Assessment (or at the end of the first hypnosis session).  Hypnosis is never conducted during the 1st appt / Intake Assessment.  Hypnosis will be conducted during the 2nd appointment.
What times do you see new clients for Inake Assessments?
The earliest appt slot for seeing a new client for an Intake Assessment is from 11am to 12pm, Mon-Thurs.  The last Intake appointment slot available is from 4pm to 5pm, Mon-Thurs.  We do not see clients on Fridays.  Due to high demand, 5pm to 6pm slots as well as 6pm to 7pm slots are reserved for treatment plan/package clients only, with rare exception.
When can I schedule my free 30-60 minute Intake Assessment?
You can call our office between 11am and 7pm Monday through Thursday to schedule.  We are not open on Fridays or weekends. 
What Can Be Treated Using Hypnosis?
Almost any issue you can think of can be beneficially treated using hypnotherapy.  However, due to our specialization in Emotional Change-Work Therapy, we no longer treat symptomatic issues without resolving the root issues that caused them.  Here is a complete list of what we treat, and a list of what we do not treat
Why don’t you treat issues like weight loss and smoking cessation?
Weight loss, smoking and other bad habits are often symptomatic of deeper unresolved issues. Treating symptomatic issues at their surface level would be meaningless without core emotional change-work at the root of the issue.  Nevertheless, if a customer is a coupon holder, we will gladly treat them for any issue they desire (including weight loss, etc.) in order to redeem the coupon.
How long is each session?
Each hypnosis appointment is one hour, which includes life coaching and homework check-in for the first 10-20 minutes, and usually 25-35 minutes of hypnosis.  Some sessions may be used entirely for hypnosis or life coaching, as needed or desired.  Your very first visit to our clinic does not include hypnosis, and is 30-60 minutes, which is the free Intake Assessment appointment.
Do you accept insurance or Medicare?
Unfortunately, we do not accept insurance or Medicare.  However, people do use their Health Savings Accounts (or Flex Spending Plans) issued by some employers to pay for treatment.  We also offer discounted Treatment Plans at our clinic.
What can I expect to experience during Hypnosis?
To learn about what to expect to experience during hypnosis, please visit the Hypnosis Experience FAQ by clicking here.  Learn about Hypnosis Myths Debunked by clicking here along with our other eBooks.
What is Emotional Change-Work Therapy (ECT)?
Emotional Change-Work Therapy is a revolutionary therapy which features a collection of integrated tools that target the emotional roots of a client’s issues that when applied altogether helps the client create positive change.  ECT includes tools such as life coaching, hypnotherapy, homework exercises, group work and other emotional development tools. Read What to Expect with Emotional Change-Work Therapy.
How do I know I’m a candidate for Emotional Change-Work Therapy?
If you are willing to feel your emotions and talk about them, you are a candidate.  ECT is not a quick fix or magic pill. It is for clients who are ready to take responsibility for their lives at a higher level than the mind which created their problem.  We recommend that you read our free e-BookService Disclaimer and Service Agreement.  If you feel good about what you've read, we invite you to come to our office for a free 30-60 minute Intake Assessment.
Is Hypnotherapy an officially recognized therapy?
In 1958, The American Medical Association officially recognized Hypnotherapy. The National Health Service has also acknowledged this Alternative Practice.
Will hypnosis fix my problem?
Hypnosis is a “help-mate” to help you solve your problems using the vast resources in your subconscious mind. Hypnosis helps you advance mentally so that you can use your own mental resources fully.
How many treatments will this take?
It depends on the nature of the issues at hand. Hypnosis can be very quick in helping you make some adjustments. Other more deeply rooted issues can take more time to adjust. We offer a free 30-60 minute Intake Assessment to help determine what your treatment plan might look like and how many sessions we recommend.
How many people have you worked with?
Since opening our Phoenix office in 2011, we have served close to 4,000 people as of January 2016.
Should I stop taking my medications and replace them with Hypnotherapy?
No.  You are required by your doctor to continue your medication or other medical treatment as prescribed while you are treated with hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you think you have a medical issue, you are required to see your psychiatric doctor or medical doctor before working with us.
What makes you different from other hypnotists?
Our success in helping our clients is due to our specialization in Emotional Change-Work Therapy, as well as the many add-on bonuses our clients receive in addition to Hypnotherapy.  We give additional value, tools, and time to our clients than what they might expect or experience elsewhere. They know exactly what they are going to receive even before they become a client.  Read about the results our clients are achieving on our website testimonials and Google reviews for yourself.
What is your Cancellation Policy?  
We charge a $50 fee for appointments cancelled with less than 24hrs notice.  Click these links to read our Cancellation PolicySession Frequency Agreement and Service Disclaimer.


How much will this treatment cost?
The vast majority of our clients choose to purchase treatment plans, which include predetermined numbers of recommended sessions.  Since all of our treatment plans include discounted session prices, most clients favor committing to a treatment plan vs paying session by session.  Essentially, we reward clients with discounted sessions for committing to their emotional change-work therapy.
How do you determine cost for your services?
Service cost is determined by several factors: level of education and training of the hypnotherapist, experience level and additional certifications.  People tend to want the best value possible for their care and for their investment, and a hypnosis clinic which can provide high quality results is in demand.  In other words, when it comes to quality, you get what you pay for.  Not all hypnotherapy establishments are created equal.  The proof is in the online customer reviews.
When do I pay for treatment?
If paying session by session, payment is due before or at the end of each session at the front desk receptionist (or occasionally, to the hypnotist).  If paying for a treatment plan, payment may be paid in full at reception or financed monthly. 
What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy is a psychological tool used for improving overall health through accessing and working with the subconscious mind. This mind holds your long-term memories, beliefs, personal connections, stages of your development and bodily function controls.  Did you know we are in a hypnotic state for 60% of the day? Have you ever driven your car home and can’t quite remember anything about the trip you had just taken?  Or you can’t remember what you watched on TV a few minutes ago because you “zoned out?”  You may get a real sense of hypnosis when you go to bed tonight, just before you fall asleep, you are awake and aware of the room and your body, but not quite all the way asleep. Have you daydreamed before?  These are all examples of Hypnosis.
Is hypnotherapy useful for children?
Yes. children are generally very open to suggestion, and favorable results are very likely.  Children can experience large positive shifts regarding school performance, anxiety and fears, comprehension, behavior, and much more.  Children who come from separated families often benefit very well from the use of hypnotherapy.  We will treat children 10 yrs and older.  17yrs and younger must be accompanied by an adult during sessions.
Can anyone be hypnotized?
Yes, as long as they want to be hypnotized.  If they resist the process, then they will choose to not be hypnotized.  You are in control of the session, if there is something that you do not want to do, the hypnotherapist cannot force you to do it.
Can hypnotherapy be used on persons of any age, background or profession?
If you can follow directions, then you can be hypnotized. 
What if I fail my suggestibility test?
You cannot fail your suggestibility test. The test is only used to help us determine which approach to hypnosis we will use for your mind.
Can Hypnotherapy Be Used To Treat Physical and Psychological Problems?
Yes, but hypnotherapy (and life coaching) is not a substitute for psychiatric treatment.
Is hypnosis spiritual or religious?
Absolutely NOT.  Hypnosis is purely a psychological treatment and not affiliated with any religious or spiritual practice of ANY kind.  If you are looking for a "spiritual" hypnosis session, even in the loosest sense of the word, please look elsewhere.  We cannot help you.  We do hypnotherapy, not magic tricks or quick fixes.
I’m Christian. Is it okay that I use hypnosis as a tool?
Yes. The Catholic Church has adopted hypnosis as a legitimate tool for treatment. We see many Christians of all denominations in our clinic with positive results.

Okay, I've read the above FAQ.  Now what are my next steps?  Here are a few suggestions:
  •   Call us to schedule your free 30-60 Minute Intake Assessment at 602-759-7630.
  •   Take our Quizzes. to find out if you're ready for Emotional Change-Work Therapy. 

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