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How to Attract the Best Clients

July 3rd, 2016 02:56:02 pm




People ask me about this often, so I thought I'd write about the topic and provide some helpful tips about how to attract the best clients.  Let's find out where those fish are!



A Growing Epidemic - Marketing-Challenged Small Business Owners


I've met so many talented business owners and practitioners who open shop and help people with their expertise and services.  But their biggest shortcoming by far is the "m" word - marketing.  Few know how to properly make their marketing produce desirable results, often settling for "running a coupon" or attending ill-fated networking events.  


Rather than pontificate about how we should be investing our time and hard earned dollars on marketing (extra hard-earned for small business owners), or spending precious self-promotional face time, let's instead focus first on who we are looking for.  This article aims to circumvent all of the trial and error associated with disappointing marketing efforts and instead focuses on the most important thing when it comes to how to attract the best clients - creating your ideal client profile




Why Finding Your Ideal Client is Paramount


You've perhaps heard of the importance of creating an ideal client profile, but you haven't done it yet or simply skipped over it, moving on to what seemed to be lower-hanging fruit.  If you're like me, you may have misunderstood the power of the ideal client profile.  It can be easy to overlook the power of the profile when our low-level anxiety causes us to spend umpteen hours looking for anyone who we can help.  It's normal.  But since you're interested in saving time and money and you're willing to put that anxiety on the back burner while doing your homework on the front end, I'm going to share with you these gold nuggets.



How to Attract the Best Clients - The Gold Nuggets 


Gold Nugget #1:  If you don't know who you're looking for, anyone will do.


Ever heard the phrase, "If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there?"  The same works with clients.  Accepting just any client may pay the bills, but it won't cause you to better understand who you are here to help.  By that I mean, if you don't study who you've helped, how helpful they felt you were to them, how you felt while working with them, and what types of people buy from you, not only are you leaving money on the table but you are also depriving yourself of developing your own specialization.  In other words, when you get clearer about who you help best, you better leverage your strengths and expertise, enhance your marketing as a result, and help your best clients find you.  Does this sound sexy, so far?  It should, because it has teeth.



Gold Nugget #2:  Learn how to profit from the clients you've seen by analyzing trend. 


Ask yourself if you would rather clamor for the same clientele as countless other practitioners or if you would you rather enhance your specialization, leverage your own talents, and grow your business from the inside out?  When you analyze trends (using a proven system), then you are in control of your business.  When you see who buys and what their unique characteristics are, you can begin to target more of the type of clientele you are wanting - and those who want you!



Gold Nugget #3:  Once you know where the fish are, cast your line there every time.


Finding fish is only difficult when you don't know where to cast your line.  But when you do finally catch one, is it luck or is it skill?  Was that one fish simply in the neighborhood?  Or did you cast your line where the entire school of fish hang out?  When you learn how to identify your ideal client, you learn how to find where the schools of fish hang out.  Then you simply cast your line there each time.  There are so many target niches online filled with schools of fish who want to be caught by YOU!  But they don't know how to find you.  



Gold Nugget #4:  Targeting a niche isn't enough. Your clients need YOU, specifically.  


Maybe you've identified your ideal clients, generally speaking.  Maybe you know where to find people interested in hypnotherapy, reiki or yoga.  But targeting a niche isn't enough because there are a million other fishermen fishing in the same pond.  You need to identify what sets YOUR ideal clients apart.  What makes them the perfect fit to work with you?  How is 'how you connect with your clients' unique?  What makes you different from the next practitioner?  You have strengths about 'how you help people' that are completely unique.  Now, you need to leverage that.  Once you do leverage your best strengths, it'll be like putting stink bait on your hook.  The fish will attract to you so fast because they will see themselves in your marketing because you've created a profile for them.



Gold nugget #5:  Connection wins over credentials, every time.


Your ideal clients will feel connected to you, and you will feel connected to them.  That is the power of ideal client profiling.  Ideal clients don't care as much about how long you've been at it so much as they care about feeling they can trust you.  Clients who walk in merely wanting "the best" and never minding the connection really don't know what they need (and sometimes, want).  Think about it.  "The best" is cold.  It's not warm.  Credentials are cold.  (Necessary, but cold.)  Personalized written reviews from people you have helped who share their gratitude so that your future clients can see it - that's warm.  Creating an Ideal Client Profile so that your future clients can recognize you - that's warm.  The best part is you don't have to be the best!



Gold nugget #6:  You gotta give up 'good' to get 'great.'

Small business owners who are practitioners tend to get into business to express themselves through service as their motivation moreso than the dollars as the motivation.  Actual business-minded people tend to not be service providers.  They are two different skill sets (and arguably, two different personality types) and neither type tends to be skilled at its opposite.  Therefore, it is important to compliment your talents with learned skills which traverse your less skilled attributes in order to balance your success.  Unfortunately, the ones who do not challenge themselves in this way have usually settled for being a self-proclaimed expert while secretly fearing the disapproval of others if they were to give up good to get great.  But the reactive process of watching what others do is a powerless, approval-seeking game of self-sabotage.  Those who have the courage to go further, to rise into their passion, to be unafraid of ridicule, to be different, to challenge themselves - those people become great.  


Attracting Your Ideal Client vs. Getting a Client with Old School Marketing


Perhaps by now you are learning that you don't need to go out and buy a bunch of fishing gear.  Kidding.  But seriously, though.  The science of old school marketing historically means knowing: 1) who you are looking for, 2) where to find them, and 3) how to make them want to buy what you have.  Can you imagine how much time and resources have been wasted trying to achieve such?  For the smart business owner (YOU), there is a much more evolved, effective method for enticing your ideal client.  


The Ideal Client Attraction Method is:


1)  Learn how you connect with your client.

2)  Understand how they benefit from you.

3)  Reverse engineer your ideal client.



If you would like to become a ninja master at creating an Ideal Client Profile so that you can makeover your unique marketing in a completely customized way and ascend to the upper echelons of business ownership (aka gain profit and strengthen your craft), I urge you to invest in my Ultimate Ideal Client Attraction Program.  It's highly effective, affordable, and I will lead you step-by-step through the entire process with confidence.


Until next time!  God bless.



   Free Marketing Training - How to Attract Your Best Clients 40min




About the Author:  Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic


Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic, C. Ht. is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and co-founder of the Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic and Institute of Hypnosis in Phoenix, AZ.  Free hypnosis scripts and eBooks available at .







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Free Marketing Training - How to Attract Your Best Clients 40minFree Marketing Training - How to Attract Your Best Clients 40min

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