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How to Become a Certified Hypnotherapist


Attention Healing Professionals, Take the Next Step in Your Career




Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Training


Begin Building your 6 Figure Hypnosis Practice Today!


  Get the Education you need to Create Massive Results for your            Clients


  Learn the sales tools that attract and convert ideal clients


  Train live and at home in a convenient format


  Gain access to our hypnosis community for ongoing learning


  Individual Training to Help you Build the Practice you Want


  Already a Practitioner? Learn to Incorporate Hypnosis into your            current Alternative Practice brining more value to you clients


  Live 60-minute Group Q & A calls with your hypnosis instructor


  Receive Manual & Hundreds of Scripts to Get Started


  Enjoy a mobile business where you can work from anywhere





Free 30 Minute Q&A and Admissions Interview with SIH Instructor

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Modules Included in Your Training Course:


Module 1: Basics and Theory


  Hypnosis: Truths vs. Myths uncovered

  Step into you power as a student of Hypnosis

  How the two parts of the mind work together for massive change

  Receive PDF manual which includes scripts to practice



Module 2: Perception & Suggestibility


  Build trust with your client in 5 minutes or less

  Choose the best type of hypnosis for challenging clients

  Video (Cheveral's Pendulum)

  Building Confidence - Mobile Minutes

  Invitation to Secret Facebook Hypnosis Support Group  (i.e. tools, articles, information)

Q&A Call #1



Moduel 3: History & Language Patterns


  Reframe your client's beliefs using Covert Language Patterns

  Understand the rich history behind hypnosis

  Begin to think about your script themes

 Audio Hypnosis: Tree Grounding Exercise



Module 4: Process Vs. Non-Process to Determine Hypnotic Approach


  How to speak to your clients through metaphor (story) to help them understand

  Using Brainwave cycles that will help your client know they are getting what they want

  Know what to say to your new clients about hypnosis.

   Benefits and Challenges of your Two Main Types of Clients and How to work with both.

  Non Process Audio - Experience the Non-Process

  Process Audio - Experience the Process Hypnosis


Q&A Call #2



Module 5: Conducting Sessions


   Learn Simple Steps: From meeting clients to collecting money for services 

  Laying out the Best session for your clients

  Treating Clients who say they arent "Hypnotizable"

  Keep your clients engaged even after several sessions with Session Change-ups

  Advanced Cord Cutting Hypnosis

  Suggested TED talks about the mindEasily create a custom script for anyone for any challenge



Module 6: Script Writing for Fun and Profit


   Easily create a custom script for anyone for any challenge

  Step-by-step guide to creating the most effective scripts

  SIH may publish your script which enhances your credibility and authorship

  Advanced Script Writing using Languaging Patterns

  Advanced Suggestion Creation using clients' old beliefs to shift awareness

  Behavior Modification 

  Specific methods for helping people achieve wellness with hypnosis

 Massive Resource list of Suggested Reading Including Script Books


Q&A Call #3



Module 7: Life Coaching


   Receive 12 Make the Your Own Coaching Worksheets

  Video that will help you use the worksheets to build value which converts customers

  Video that helps you convert your client to paying in the Intake

  Offer tremendous value to help your client get what they need out of your sessions

  Help to pre-qualify your clients with homework to determine if you want to work with them


 Massive Resource list of Suggested Reading Including Script Books


Module 8: Beginner and Advanced Marketing and Sales


   Surviving money fears in the beginning of building your practice

  The way of the sale: a spiritual approach to selling

  Easy steps to completing a sale and preventing buyer's remorse

  How to easily offer tons of value without giving it all away

  When to use coupons

  The right time to let go of a sale 

  Converting clients with your environment and presentation

  The Benefits and Challenges of Group Hypnosis How to quickly and safely induce your clients (Video Examples)


Q&A Call #4



Bonus Features for Practitioners


  Learn this 21-Day Program to help anyone change any habit, from nail biting to phobias

  Offering just this one product can help you reach your financial and personal goals with ease

  Gastric Band Hypnosis PDF with Scripts



Live In-Person Individual 2-Day Training 


  Personal, hands-on training

  Practice with Real Clients who want to help you succeed

  Administer Suggestibility Tests

  Demonstrate effectively the understanding of the Mind

  Guide your subject into a relaxed state

  Practice and perform the Magnetic Hand

  Learn Covert Hypnosis Techniques playing the Language Patterning Game

  Create a session builder for your client

  Practice selling techniques

  Perform Personal Scripts for your subject

  Review 100 Question Test for Certification Preparation

  Graduation with Certificates





ON SALE for $999 until OCT 21, 2016

You will have the option to make payments. The LIVE Training will be in a group setting, and more than one student will be attending. The LIVE training will be on November 19-20th 2016. You must complete your modules before the Live training. 



Partial Scholarships are available and will be offered at the time of your Admissions Interview.


8 Reasons We are Your #1 Choice for Your Hypnosis Training Certification:



     We offer you Comprehensive Curriculum training with Worksheets, Audios and Videos.

  We offer multiple training dates to accomodate your schedule for your Live Training.

  We offer ongoing assistance after you graduate our course.

  We offer you over $3,500 in training materials.

  We offer you a link from our website, listing you as a certified practitioner.

  You may re-attend any of our future classes (in part or entirely) to refresh your training, free of charge.





Call Now to Schedule your Admissions Interview!  CALL US TODAY!  (602) 759-5776




     Business Marketing Training

     Ongoing Instructor Access

     Online Community Support

     Observe Live Clinical Consults




Here are a list of topics which you will learn in our class curriculum:


What is hypnosis


The mind
Sub-conscious activities 
The truth about hypnosis
It's simpler than you think
Memories are not absolute
Why hypnosis is not admissible in court
History of hypnosis
Historical dates and people  
Famous users of hypnosis
The Purpose of Suggestibility 
Process vs. Non-Process
Various suggestibility tests
Classification of clients
How the mind works
Charting the suggestibility of clients
Building a hypnosis session
Organizing the session  
Putting it all together  (chart)  
Non Process session instruction
Process session instruction 
What are inductions
Non Process inductions and techniques
Process inductions  and techniques  
What are deepeners and techniques
Process vehicles -what are they
How do Process Vehicles work
Sample Process vehicles
Hypnosis scripts
How to write your own scripts
Select hypnosis scripts for training
Getting stuck in hypnosis
Depth levels
Waking hypnosis
Stages of hypnosis
Arons depth scale
Arons depth scale chart 
Depth testing script 
Davis and Husband scale 
LeCron Bordeaux depth scale
Brainwave frequencies
Brainwave chart
Explanation of chart
Correlating brain wave frequencies to hypnotic depths levels
Building a complete session
Pre session
Meet and greet
Intake worksheet
Common hypnotic misconceptions
Post session report form
Collect fee and re-schedule
Session proficiency exerciseDangers of hypnosis  
Office environment
How much should I charge?
Free sessions – helping friends
Case Study – Common complaints you will run into
Refunds                                                                      Gastric Band Hypnosis Training

Instant and rapid introductions
How they work 
Stress reduction
Causes of stress   
Solutions and incident elimination of stress 
Healing with hypnosis 
The subconscious mind pertaining to healing
A few rules about the subconscious
Your “want to”
Negative statements and their effect
Positive replacements
The effect of Sarcasm
Pain management
Bridge technique
Stimuli replacement program
Regression calendar technique 
Other regression techniques
Thought stopping
Color imagery
True / pseudo regression
Regression detective techniques
Wording in regression 
Automatic writing
Additional hypnosis methods revealed
All hypnosis is self hypnosis 
Creating your own recorded sessions
Theater of your imagination    
Six-step self hypnosis process
Ericksonian hypnosis  
Confusional Technique   
Telephone Hypnosis
Rapid Inductions
Emergency Hypnosis
Auto suggestion script
Placebos and nocebos'
Reading is hypnotic
Writing is magical 
Covert hypnosis
Pacing and leading
Meditation and hypnosis
Smoking cessation
Smoking statistics 
Helpful hints
Smoking Cessation Program 
Hypnosis venues
Group presentation format 
Marketing and advertising hypnosis (many methods)
Imagination – The sixth sense
Hypnosis is everything   
The journey begins   
ESP development 
Wisdom from your intuition
Past life regression  
Creating a spirit room
Contacting spirits (Script) 
Metaphysic Group Sessions


For a full list of the training materials you will receive for your class, view the complete list of training materials.







       Your Training will also include Gastric Band Hypnosis Training!



Many people are seeking Gastric Band Surgery as a popular weight loss option.  Gastric Band Hypnosis is booming as an option for people who want to lose weight without having the expensive Gastric Band surgery.  We will train you on Gastric Band Hypnosis during your script training so that, as a new Hypnotherspist, you can cash in on this booming trend while helping countless people save thousands on needless surgery.









How Much Money Can I Make Doing This?



The average hypnotherapist earns anywhere between $75 to $150 per session. Most sessions will run one to one and a half hours long.  Any amount of money you make will be directly tied to how many clients you bring in via your own marketing efforts.  Full time Hypnotherapists might see anywhere from 2 to 5 clients per day.  Larger Clinics such as our own Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic have multiple hypnotherapists seeing as many as 10 to 20 people in one day (total). 


There is no limit to how big you can build your practice and how much money you can make!  It all depends on your drive to build your own practice!


You can hold seminars and workshops such as Group Hypnosis Sessions to help people stop smoking or lose weight, for example.  If you fill up a room of 15 to 100 clients, you could make $700 to $5000 in one seminar alone!


You can also sell additional services and products to offer more value and leverage for your business.  Many Hypnotherapists offer CDs, books, music, shirts and more to get the word out about their business.


If you chose to take your training to the next level, you could become a Certified Hypnosis Instructor (like Your Professional Friend) and charge and average of $1200 to $2400 per student with an average of 5- 15 students per class.




After you learn how to become a certified hypnotherapist and graduate from our program, you will be equipped to begin a business venture in any of the following areas on which you will be trained:


  •      A Hypnosis Office Conducting Individual Sessions
  •      Telephone Hypnosis Sessions
  •      Group Hypnosis Sessions
  •      Past Life Regression
  •      Painless Childbirth Sessions or Clinics
  •      Forensic Hypnosis
  •      Sports Hypnosis
  •      Teaching Continuing Education
  •      Create Hypnosis CDs and MP3s
  •      Comedy Hypnosis Shows
  •      Self Help and even becoming a ...
  •      Hypnosis Instructor to name a few ...






The Best Training Schedule For You - Our 2-Day Class for Hypnotherapy Training for how to become a certified hypnotherapist is the best option for people who haven’t had any hypnosis training and can't justify a week’s absence from their work.  Our class covers all of your Hypnosis training from beginning to end.  It starts by teaching you Hypnosis from scratch and trains you until you are not only fully trained and proficient, but also gives you the tools and resources to launch your new business and career.


Our Group Classroom - It is highly advantageous to learn Hypnosis while in the presence of a small group of students.  People tend to learn faster in groups, especially when the training requires practice on one another.  Discussion and Q and A also give an added value to learning te material more comprehensively.


Hands-On Learning - True learning requires doing, not just observing.  Many would argue that you don’t really know how to do something until you’ve done it. Our classes give you the chance to get involved and actively participate in your training from day one.  You’ll be practicing Hypnosis as quickly as your second day of training.


When You’re Finished Training - …you will be totally equipped to be a full time Hypnotherapist and you will feel at ease performing hypnosis sessions.  We will prepare you to start your new undertaking as a certified graduate of the Institute of Hypnosis.  Can you imagine what it would be like to be fully equipped to begin a profitable new career, earning great income in only one week’s time?


With Only a Week’s Investment of Your Time Total - …you can have an entirely new income stream.  Getting your Hypnosis Certification Training is one of the simplest and easiest ways to help people and make money NOW!  When you learn how to become a certified hypnotherapist, you can become profitable quickly!









When considering how to become a certified hypnotherapist, remember that Hypnosis certifications are not required to perform Hypnosis, but there is more meaning to having your ceritifcation than a plaque hanging on your wall.  The purpose of a Hypnosis Certifying Body means that a credible Third Party has trained and measured you by a certain standard.  Just like a diploma from a highly credible four year university would vouch for your competency, so does receiving a Hypnosis Certification from a highly credible body do the same, respectively.


















Sarah is a busy mother of two young kids. She is an account executive and has been struggling to find out how to get the leading edge in her work and home life. Sarah chooses hypnotherapy school as a way to give herself the upper hand in her business and family life. She uses what she learns in hypnosis school to help build confidence in her kids, grow her business and enhance her relationship with her husband.



John is an athlete and has been just behind the ball, so to speak, when it comes to advancing his athletic ability. He uses hypnosis school to excel his career and to help his team mates with some advanced techniques to advance them as a team. John also uses this ability to coach the younger generations making some extra money and helps him to improve his skill as well.



Brad is a sales professional; he’s been working really hard at his sales ability, but just can’t seem to break through the ceiling of his top sale. He has held his record for months and his team seems to be surpassing him at every turn. He uses hypnosis school to help him get back on track to seeing his goals and accomplishing them.



Maxine has been in the corporate world for 25 years. She is over the rat race and wants to try something completely different. She’s been contemplating living a life of service and to follow a passion of helping others. She has volunteered in the past but now she wants to add to that and help people really excel and develop. She uses hypnosis school as a way to help others and herself and live her life full of purpose.



Stephanie has felt lost for a long time, she has worked several jobs over the last many years and feels like all her cumulative experience only adds up to her being a jack of all trades. She is disappointed in herself and feels like she isn’t an expert at anything. Stephanie uses hypnosis school as a jumping off point to help her give back to others, make money and have a true career where knowing a little about a lot of things helps her to relate to others which helps them to connect with her. She finds she is an expert after all, and people trust her to help them.



Ben has been working on his own growth for several years. He used to have a big problem with anxiety and has worked through it and now wants to help others. He doesn’t really know how to go about it, but he does know that his knowledge of this illness on a personal level will benefit others. He goes to hypnosis school to advance his skills, more for himself personally. Ben actually finds that he can have a real career with hypnosis and even though he isn’t ready to let go of his current job, he feels confident that he can help others on the weekends. He feels purposeful and knows that his anxiety wasn’t by accident and the people he helps are eternally grateful.



Samantha is currently getting her masters in counseling. She’s trying to decide if she is going to go the traditional route or incorporate some of her alternative studies as well. She decides to go to hypnosis school which isn’t that expensive and gives her the chance to compare and find out what the best path is for her. Samantha feels, if anything, it’s a good opportunity to have another certification under her belt, helping her have a competitive edge and credentials behind her name.









"Our Office is a skilled and effective hypnotherapy trainer. She has a deep knowledge of hypnosis with a great sense of humanity and compassion for her clients and students. I would highly recommend take her training."  -Marina









Your Hypnosis Training Instructor will be Your Professional Friend, CHI. Our Office has served thousands of clients and has 16 years of experience working with clients all over the country, She has taught hypnosis seminars and classes on How to Become a Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis 101 and more, and is one of the leading experts on Hypnosis in Phoenix, AZ with one of the largest volume Clinics of Hypnotherapy patients in Phoenix, AZ.  Our Office has authored her own signature Hypnosis products and has created cutting edge Hypnosis Programs and Systems.  


Our Office is also a Certified NLP Master Practitioner, a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, and is an AIA Certified Hypnosis Instructor.


To learn more about Our Office, visit her about page






Open Enrollment Available for




8 Module Online Training Lifetime Access  


Our Online Training give you the Opportunity to Work at your Own Pace: 

  • Before your Live Training you will have all the information you need to be an amazing Clinical Hypnotherapist.
  • You will receive a Q&A call with your instructor every week for 4 weeks
  • You will have time to complete your open book test and work on your required scripts.
  • All the information is at your fingertips and you wont go into your Live Training blindly. 
  • You will have gotten to know the other participants in the live training helping you to feel comfortable having already made friends in the community.



2-Day Classroom Training 


Our two day group classroom training offers: 

  • Lots of hands on practice, live hypnosis sessions, class discussion and interaction.
  • Learn advanced hypnosis methods for a variety of business and industry applications.
  • Meet-up with the friends you made on the Q&A calls.
  • You may re-attend future training classes as a refresher for free.

Classes are from 9am - 4pm each day with evening assignments.



Scholarships are availabe. Up to 10% of the training can be paid for from the Katherine M. Clark Schoarship Fund. Ask about the scholarship during your admissions interview. 







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