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Mind Your Subconscious to Get What You Want in Life

July 22nd, 2015 11:57:27 pm

by Amber Pound




We’ve all heard the unequivocal statement, “If you don’t like something, change it.”   It sounds so simple, so black and white am I right?  Well, that’s because it is in a sense… that simple.  Let me just say that while I have not yet quite mastered this idea, I have gained much awareness around the process in getting what I want (through making changes).  I understand that life as a whole may not always be so easily reformed, there are however aspects of it we can, without a doubt make adjustments to.  Taking baby steps towards inner ambitions sets the path to greater things!  Allow me to share a few ways you can take the reins and follow your dreams to attain your goals and have what you want out of life.
Our Behavior and Beliefs Matter:  We all want something in life, it be a job, a house, a new car or maybe something such as striving to be successful, losing weight, being a business owner or possibly a better leader, spouse or mentor.  These are all very attainable goals and dreams given the right mindset.  We don’t need external validation or constant positivity to pursue something that may seem far out of reach.  What we do need however, is a strong belief in ourselves and a good sense of self-worth.  This sets a solid foundation for an “I can do anything” type of mentality.  Even in failure, a strong belief in self can make us look back at our efforts and feel as though we accomplished something.  It will also help us to keep trying until we do succeed.  In addition, I find that it’s helpful to focus on what we can do as opposed to putting an emphasis on what we can’t do.  For instance, say that Ryan wants to go back to school, but he believes he can’t because he doesn’t have the money to do so.  Instead, Ryan should look into ways he can make it happen, maybe explore potential scholarships or consider getting another job.  The point is that there is always something we can do to move closer to our goal.  So, relinquish those self-doubts and rid yourself of excuses because they may be the only thing keeping you from what you really want. 
Things To Think About That May Help:
Being afraid of failure won’t help you reach your goal.
Simply ask for what you want.  If not a person, why not ask the universe?
Doing something is better than doing nothing.
Remember that there is no “right” way in the process of achievement.
Give yourself an occasional break, it will open the door for inspiration.
Make what you want a real priority
Experience what it feels to be empowered by taking responsibility of your life.
Draw Awareness To Your True Happiness:  I find that happiness means something different for everyone.  We often believe that in attaining our goal we will be happy, content and to some degree fulfilled.  This can be true when we really know what we want, however, sometimes we don’t know and we may equate happiness with pleasure.  If we strive to obtain something seeking pleasure, the end feeling is often superficial and will almost always be temporary.  Pure happiness is something we feel inherently, not so much by acquiring a specific something, but rather through the process of achieving it instead.  Take a deep look into why you want what you want and reflect on your convictions towards this certain something you yearn for because it may not really be the what you think you want.
Manifestation:  Manifesting our desires is a very real process in which we allow the universe to listen to our wants and needs.  Have you ever pictured yourself driving the car that you wanted or imagined what you would look like 2 dress/pants sizes smaller?  I don’t mean experiencing 5 second snapshots of what your life would look like if you acquired these things.  I mean intentionally visualizing yourself consistently and purposefully in your goal until it’s your reality.  I cannot emphasize enough how effective practicing guided imagery can be in getting what you want.  I have personally utilized this method many times in achieving financial abundance, surrendering inner worries and have seen amazing results when utilizing it to accomplish personal goals.  The secret is to be aware of your subconscious thoughts because if negative, they can have a destructive effect on your progress, especially if they are always playing in the background of your mind.  Therefore, thought-awareness is key as we can manifest both good and bad, intentionally an inadvertently. 
Life will only remain stagnant for as long as we allow it to, so inspire change in your life and challenge yourself to make it to the finish line.  Make an effort to really connect with your subconscious to find what you truly want and allow yourself to make it happen.  As Eleanor Roosevelt once said “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” 

About the Author:  Amber Pound



Amber Pound is a writer and blogger for Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic, specializing in self-help techniques and applications in Emotional Change-Work Therapy.  Free hypnosis scripts and eBooks available at .


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