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Clinical Hypnotherapy Services


Come visit us in person (also via phone or Skype) to work with Your Professional Friend personally to get emotionally unstuck from a variety of issues.  Our Hypnotherapy service includes Emotional Change-Work Therapy and Personal Development Tools.  We see clients one session per week, with the option to buy a 4-pack of sessions at a discounted price.



                                Online Programs



Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Program


Begin Building your 6-Figure Hypnosis Practice Today!  Help Fulfill your Purpose by helping others increase their Health and Happiness. Train Live and at Home with our Accredited Hypnosis Instructor, Learn the sales tools that attract and convert your ideal clients. Have fun learning about how the mind works and put it to good use to gain access to infinate potential and possiblities. Informative videos, 447 page manual, 500 Scripts to get you started and more. You have everything you need to build the ultimate hypnosis practice. 




30 Hours of Life Coaching for $47  ($500 value)


     Get Your Free Download Now (20 Ways to Recognize and Overcome Self-Sabotage)
- MP3 format 
- Listen or download
- Provided by "Life Coach of the Year" Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic 



Your Ultimate Ideal Client Attraction Program


Are you attracting the right clients?  Do you want more ideal clients?  In this in-depth, self-paced workshop, you will learn the step-by-step system that helps you identify and attract clients who you'll LOVE working with, and who will LOVE working with you.  Also, you'll attract clients who want to pay you what you're worth for your services.




                         Business Coaching for Alternative Healing Practitioners            


- Increase your self worth 
- How to sell to your clients 
- Get clear on your message 
- Personal development coaching
- Create business structures that convert sales 
- Website search engine optimization
- Opt-in forms and landing pages  ... and more!




Get Unstuck Makeover Program


In 3 Easy Steps, Our Office will show you How to GET UNSTUCK Today! - Discover Tried and True practices that take your goals for Theory to Reality, Hot tips to release limitations, From Umdrum to Hot Stuff, Create your Unstoppable Action Plan that Inspires with these Inspiration Block-Buster Action Videos.

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