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"Ever watched an old grainy black & white movie or TV show with poor sound quality, then noted how clear and vibrant a modern HDTV show looks in comparison? That's the difference I feel in my life since I started working with Our Office Staff. My thoughts and feelings are clearer, less muddled, and more positive. I've felt more epiphanies and new awarenesses in these months than I think many people do in a lifetime. Most importantly, I no longer feel haunted by the trauma of the past. Free of this constraint, I'm able to focus effortlessly on the now, making every day a good and fulfilling one!" —Lisa, Phoenix, AZ


"I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been traveling to the Phoenix area about once a month for some business training.  Part of that process has been hypnotherapy to get past some issues I am having that are holding me back in business and life in general.  I have tried a number of therapists here in New Mexico, but I must say that the methodology used by Our Office Staff is superior to anything I have experienced thus far.  It has been a bit of a challenge to make sure I can schedule these visits, because of my travel, but it has been well worth it.  I would highly recommend this service to anyone thinking about using hypnotherapy." —Alan, Albuquerque, NM


"After struggling with several issues over 30+ years, one of which is self-worth and trying many self-help books, videos, CD's, counseling etc. (The list is long) I finally was at my wits end. Something needed to change and I was fully aware of that but could not figure out how to change it regardless of how much positive self-talk and trying I did. There is a lot I felt I had already dealt with from childhood thru adulthood and thought I was OK with. After talking with Our Office Staff I realized that on a conscience level I WAS OK with it but on a sub-conscience level I was very much NOT OK. I have only had one session with Our Office Staff as of yet and I was a little surprised that for my first session he wanted to work on stress......I thought, "Really?.. . Why stress??" Well, obviously Our Office Staff knows what he is doing.....the past 2 weeks have been strangely awesome!! Things that would normally have me pissed off or that I would be extremely upset about have not seemed to bother me hardly at all!! I have felt much more at peace with myself which has been a great feeling. Not sure I completely understand HOW it actually works but it does and I'm not going to argue with that! I have always been curious about the human mind and why we think and feel, react, respond the way we do.....experiencing this has intrigued me even more. The mind is so incredibly powerful.....figuring out HOW to use it for our benefit and to help others is even more powerful! So thankful that I am actually seeing a light at the end of the tunnel now! I am truly excited about the changes I am going to make in myself and my life with the help of Our Office Staff and his beautiful wife!" —Jenice, Phoenix, AZ


"Just realized it has been since early February since my last session at AZ Hypno, and lemme tell ya! I have finished my last semester of classes (10 hrs a week) and my teaching assistantship (12 hrs per week), finished planning my wedding (too many hours), got back into exercising and stuck with it (4 hours a week), had over 26 performances including my own recital, ALL while IGNORING family nonsense drama and guilt trips from crazy family members! Thank you SO much for setting me on a path of awesomeness!!! Everyone, keep doing what you're doing and listen to Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic!!!"  - from a client


"Hi Our Office Staff, this week has been just as hectic and overwhelming as I expected but I have felt an incredible power to deal with the challenges as they arise. My clients are blown away because we are delivering the impossible. I have found incredible peace and focus in dealing with long work days and the minutia of the move-in, my parents' technical problems, and supporting my friends in need. I have never been so tired and booked-solid while maintaining my positive outlook, peace, and gratitude. Thank you for all you have done. I know your coaching, mentorship, and hypnosis have helped me begin to operate at this incredible level. I cannot wait to see what else we can accomplish." —Andrew, Phoenix, AZ

"I have had great success with hypnosis in the past and decided to try it again to see if it could help me with another long-term, deep-rooted issue. After checking out different hypnotists, I chose to meet with Our Office Staff after listening to him on his website. It was a wise choice. The last three months have been an incredible journey. Although I had a lot of experience with hypnotists, I had not previously worked with a life coach/hypnotist. Huge difference!  In addition to having a wonderfully soothing voice, Our Office Staff possesses an amazing collection of tools and has the keen insight to know which ones to use to help you really get to know yourself so that together you can decide the best course of action to tackle what needs to be done. Not only did we tackle the issue, in the process, I became an entirely different person. Our Office Staff truly loves to help people, and I am so thankful I was drawn to him. He is an amazing individual, and I highly recommend him to anyone that needs assistance with any issue."   —Sandy, Phoenix, AZ    


"Two years after a car accident that I was in almost 9 years ago, I started to get panic attacks while driving. I saw several counselors, psychiatrists and doctors to get help. None of them suggested that I was suffering from PTSD. Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic not only correctly identified my symptoms as mild PTSD, he also tailored the hypnotherapy sessions to address my specific triggers. By doing so, he addressed the root of my fears and anxiety rather than just treating the symptoms. I drove on the freeway last week, which I had not been able to do without a panic attack, in 7 years! I highly recommend AZ Hypnotherapy for PTSD, anxiety disorder, panic attacks and irrational fears."   —Khush, Phoenix, AZ    


"Working with Our Office Staff from Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic has really changed my life for the better.  We first started working together late last year, and I can honestly say that I haven't felt this good (mentally) in a really long time.  He really opened up my eyes and made me look at things with a different perspective.  I don't know where I would be without Our Office Staff and his all his help and guidance."   Carlos, Phoenix, AZ

"Hello Our Office Staff, I just wanted to give you an update. I weighed myself on our office scales the day of my appointment with you on Dec. 27th and I weighed 202#. Today I weighed myself on the same scale and I weight 195.5. How awesome is that!! You did a great job, as I thought it did not work. Because I am diabetic I need a snack in the morning and afternoon, but I have made it a healthy snack. Whatever you said is working and I can’t thank you enough. I will see you on the 9th.  Thanks Again!"      —Joyce, Phoenix, AZ (after one weight loss hypnosis session)


"Hi Our Office Staff.  I’d like to express appreciation for the role you played in positioning me to walk the path that has led me toward this milestone.  Soon after I began taking steps along my path of self-discovery with an intent to establish enhanced resonance with a deeper essence of my existence, I met you.  Your influence bestowed valuable wisdom upon the way I see the world and empowered me to connect with and trust my innermost voice. As my worldview, voice, beliefs, values, and sense of self continued to develop throughout the next several months,  a sense of inspiration to seek re-admission to my Ph.D. program was also being cultivated.  Nearly 4 years later, I am rapidly approaching the commencement milestone. Although my academic transcript does not reflect the personal development that occurred through my interactions with you, I truly believe that those interactions effectively positioned me for, and substantially enriched, not only my subsequent educational journey, but also the general path of my life. I am grateful to you, Our Office Staff."   —Nathan, ND


"I had been through a traumatic experience. I was looking for a way to process the situation and move forward. I came across an offer for hypnotherapy and decided to give it a shot. I attended 4 hypnotherapy sessions and couldn't have asked for a better experience. I met with Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic, CHT. Our Office Staff was very knowledgeable, intuitive and genuine. Each visit and take away from each session was different. Best of all, I continually made progress. The techniques used (visualization, focusing, writing) combated my mind to think differently. I began to process my feelings and move toward healing. I learned a lot about myself during these visits. I believe I have a better understanding of my mind's process and have the tools to help me keep moving in the right direction."  —Anonymous


"Let me start by saying, Our Office Staff is so amazing! (Emphasis on the "so"). I am a very private person so I thought it'd be hard to open up about my feelings, but his presence made me feel comfortable and free to discuss. Our Office Staff is very intelligent and supportive. After what I conceived as a massive business failure Our Office Staff helped me regain my confidence and realize that it wasn't a failure, but a hurdle that I am fully capable of overcoming. I would suggest hypnotherapy to anyone - it is truly effective!"  —Lynsey L., Los Angeles, CA


"I was skeptical on the hypnosis process..... But from the first session I was a believer!!!!!  I am a professional bull rider and was having trouble with my mental game and my performance was suffering because of it.  Our Office Staff is amazing... with his knowledge in performance and the mental part of sports he sometimes freaked me out with some of the things he knew about my situation.  After my sessions my mental game is back to the level that is needed to do the profession I am in.  Coming in has been the best decision I made to help my career, and to help my life get back on track!  BELIEVE IT.... IT WORKS!!!!!"   —Will R., Phoenix, AZ


"I had 4 hypnotherapy sessions with Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic about a month ago. I am still using some of the techniques I learned from my sessions with him. Our Office Staff has a very gentle, caring, and compassionate demeanor and a very soothing voice. This all contributed to creating a very safe and relaxing atmosphere which contributed greatly to the whole experience. I started seeing results after the first session and after each subsequent session, as well. I highly recommend Our Office Staff to anyone who is interested in experiencing a hypnotherapy session."   —Fred L., Phoenix, AZ


"I, like many of my friends, believed that hypnotherapy was something to experience if you had serious phobias and/or fears, or if you wanted to quit smoking or lose a lot of weight. I did not realize, until I experienced hypnotherapy under the very capable direction of Mary, that this tool can be very effective in a variety of situations that may not be quite so dire.  Trying to wrap my mind around a midlife career change, Mary skillfully and compassionately guided me through each session with a deep understanding of and commitment to helping me identify my calling and to find my passions and directions for the best steps to reach this goal.  Through this journey, Mary taught me to go to those ‘creative and positive’ places in my mind to keep the momentum going to bring my career vision into focus. There were times when negative thoughts and behaviors would surface – and not once during these times did  Mary ever make me feel ashamed or embarrassed by my slipping backwards a bit.  She gently and effectively led me through imagery that got me back on track. She also is very gifted at identifying those images that are most meaningful to me – so that when the nay-saying thoughts tried to surface outside of our sessions, I could revert to and associate with these images in an effort to remain positive.  In essence, Mary taught me self hypnotherapy.  For me, I learned that hypnotherapy is a wonderful and healthy tool that can result in far better outcomes than I imagined would ever be possible.  It really is a gift to oneself."  —Anonymous, Phoenix, AZ


"I have to admit, I was skeptical when I first considered how hypnotherapy would help me as a Psychologist who often over-intellectualizes matters, but I thought for such a low introductory price, it was worth the shot, if for nothing but entertainment value. For someone as analytical as I can be, it was refreshing to undergo this process. Not only did I find hypnotherapy to be relaxing and helpful in making me better aware of underlying emotional processes that I often intellectualize away, but I consistently looked forward to my "chat" sessions with Our Office Staff that offered windows into my patterns, acceptance of myself as I am, and encouragement to engage my feelings as much as I do my thoughts. I look forward to continuing along this journey to compliment the work I so very much enjoy as a healer myself."  —Anonymous, Doctor of Psychology, Phoenix, AZ


"Mary, I want to thank you for all of the quality time I spent with you in your hypnotherapy sessions over the past two months.  You displayed the utmost professionalism and caring.  Your sessions were uplifting and pleasant; with a keen focus on positive thoughts and imagery techniques to improve and enjoy the game of golf - stress free!  Before seeing you, I was placing 48 out of 50 for my golf tournament, getting frustrated on the golf course all of the time.  After 4 sessions with you for sports performance, I am ranking #1 in my golf tournament!  I am forever grateful."  —Dan, Phoenix, AZ


"I always wondered if hypnosis would work for me; whether my mind would block the messages or accept them. Our Office Staff is an amazing hypnotherapist. Our first session (intake appt) helped me identify my direction through his thoughtful and intelligent questions; and our hypnosis session was VERY relaxing, comfortable and I know will help me with rewarding results. THANK YOU."  —Beverly, Phoenix, AZ


"Skeptical and curious at first, excited at the results after each session - at the end! That's my experience with Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic at the Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic. I couldn't wait to do another session!  Not having obvious issues to work on (addiction, fears, depression), and completing a series of counseling sessions after the emotional and depressing divorce, made me question the process in the beginning.  I got my answers and directions at the intake session.  And each session after that - was an exploration of my inner self, and it was fun!  Our Office Staff made it so easy and relaxed to talk about things.  And - can he listen!  And can he get into the bottom of the issue!  Amazing experience, great results!  I will do it again! THANK YOU!   —TR, Phoenix, AZ


"I found the staff at the Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic to be welcoming and professional.  I felt extremely safe in my hypnotherapist's capable hands.  They have a way of targeting exactly what I was looking for - even when I myself wasn't sure.  They modified and personalized the sessions so they were both broad and yet highly individualized at the same time.  Our Office also has an impeccable sense of timing with how to proceed with the session.  I walked out of every session feeling totally relaxed, hopeful, and centered.  The other part of the process that I think was key in resolving my dilemma was the homework assignments (yes, homework!), and the follow up that they provided.  It has been six weeks since my first session and I'm confident in my new habits and approach to leading a healthier lifestyle.  I can't recommend AHC highly enough. I think they are amazing."  —Michelle, Phoenix, AZ


"AHC Hypnotherapists are by far experts in their field. With strong credibility and lovable, approachable personalities, AHC goes beyond the traditional 'hypnotherapist' and into the realm of a 'practical, mind-balancing' practitioners. Even their hypnotists' presence is healing. Thanks for all you do for the world AHC!"  Maya, Chandler, AZ



"I was skeptical and ignorant about hypnotherapy until I met Our Office. She helped me identify a distorted paradigm that was affecting my outlook. In just one session of hypnosis they were able to challenge my thinking and really improve my confidence to move forward in my business."  Gerald S., Phoenix, AZ



"I recently attended one of AHC's seminars and was thrilled with the amount of information I came away with. Not only did they teach me new and different ways of dealing with certain situations, they also made it very easy to understand so that I could start to implement them in my life immediately. Thanks for giving me the knowledge to learn how to put some of life's idiosyncrasies into perspective so that I can push forward and move on...and that's only after one seminar...WOW!"  —Jackie M., Phoenix, AZ



"When I met Our Office, I had NO idea of the impact she would have on my life. And, even though I knew I had a fear of being on the road after experiencing a bad accident months ago, I didn't realize how simple it would be to let go of it. After only one session, I realized I was more relaxed walking out of the office than I had felt in months, let alone more relaxed than the result of any massage I'd ever had. I will definitely go back for any other issues that arise, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone!"  Brenda, Arizona



"Our Office is absolutely amazing. I have been through a lot of traumatic experiences as a little girl. I have always wanted to seek out counseling and never really knew how to go about it. Then I found Our Office and I connected with her immediately. We have been working together now for about a month and she has helped me tremendously. My whole attitude on a plethora of different things has changed for the better. AHC has opened my eyes extremely wide and has helped me deal with negativity, as well as, getting rid of negativity in my life. I feel more empowered as a woman and an individual more so now than ever. I truly can't say enough about how AHC has helped me except I as told them during our last session, "it's kind of freaking me out how happy and free I feel". Thanks a ton Our Office, you are the best and I am truly blessed to have you all in my life as my therapists and my friends. Love you!"  Phaedra, Phoenix, AZ



"I saw Our Office after receiving positive feedback from one of her clients who was suffering from similar ailments as myself. I immediately had a sense of comfort and relief when speaking with her. The session lasted for 2 hours and I can't even describe how cathartic the experience was for me. Our Office calmly guided me through some underlying problems that I wasn't even aware of. When we were finished I felt "even" for the first time in years. I no longer have the anxiety that I had been carrying with me since my youth and can't thank them enough. I recommend AHC to anyone who wants to improve their life with dramatic results."  Donald D., Phoenix



"I first saw Our Office for a Reiki treatment with great results. At that time I asked them about a hypnotherapy session to help with my anxiety disorder and made an appointment for a few days later. I cannot express how much the hypnotherapy, in just one session, has made a difference in my life and freed me to do some of the things I have avoided doing for a very long time for fear of having a panic attack. There are many kinds of hypnotherapists out there, and many people who claim to be energy healers that I've known over the years, but Our Office IS a  truly gifted healer and she uses her gifts to help others. AHC's Hypnotherapists are truly kind, caring people with beautiful hearts who are there to guide you to use your own power to heal yourself. I would hope that anyone reading this would be open to allowing them to help guide them to a better life. You won't regret it."  Honey, Phoenix, AZ



"I was not sure what to expect with hypnotherapy but decided to try it to help me with weight loss. Our Office  immediately helped me identify my negative thoughts and encouraged me to take steps one at a time towards achieving my goal. I have not finished the process yet but I am so much more confident in myself I know I will be successful. I would not have this change in attitude without spending time with Our Office. Thank you for sharing your gifts."  Denise K., Phoenix, AZ



"I would just like to take a moment to thank Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic. When I entered your clinic I was made to feel welcome and comfortable. The service you provided to me was very powerful and a reminder that I have the power over myself when I choose to use it. For individuals seeking a way through life on life's terms this is a great way to get clarity and change their thinking."  Jane, Phoenix, AZ



"I recently attended AHC's seminar on "Relationship Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them" which was very enlightening. It was interactive and helped us all to see our own shortcomings and strengths; Our Office (and her husband Our Office Staff) provided alternative behavior choices and prevention strategies. The discussion has helped me to remain firm in finding a compatible partner, and flexible in loving people for who they are."  Courtney E., RN, Phoenix, AZ



"As a result of the hypnotherapy treatment with Our Office, I have been able to end a relationship that was not progressing. With their help through hypnosis, I have been able to face some very painful events in my life that had debilitating effects on me. I had always attributed my symptoms to a vague medical condition. I am now sleeping much better, have experienced significant reduction in anxiety attacks, and have been released of most of my physical pain. The power of the subconscious mind is amazing! Thanks to AHC, I understand how to better care for myself, approach life with positive thoughts, and enjoy a much improved quality of life." Courtney E., RN, Phoenix, AZ



"I have been doing some conscious work over the last year through counseling and felt like working on my subconscious at the same time could help things along. The changes I experienced working with Our Office were very subtle initially, but by the last session I had a remarkable shift. One of the things we had been working on was my nervousness speaking in front of an audience. I had a strong desire to do public speaking and had joined Toastmasters the previous year, so it was something I wanted to do, yet every time I spoke, it was as if my throat would close up and I couldn't breathe. My last session with Our Office happened to be the night before a speech contest in which I was competing. All day the next day I kept looking for that tightness I usually felt every time I thought about speaking...but it wasn't there! Try as I might to "recreate" that anxiousness, it was just gone. The tightness was replaced with openness and bright light that anchored me and flowed through me. I went on to win the contest that night (my first ever!) and advanced to the next level. I am truly grateful for the talented Hypnotherapists at AHC, wisdom, and insight and look forward to working with them in the future."  —Dana K., Phoenix, AZ



"Seminar - Your Professional Friend and Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic helped me understand abundance by guiding us through exercises that helped me feel lighter and positive. I can now appy the concepts and exercises on my own and make abundance reality."  —Tiffany, Phoenix, AZ



"Seminar - The Seminar was incredible beneficial in pointing me toward the things I want in life. It helped make my dreams actionable and game me toos to overcome my barriers."  —Chelsie, Phoenix, AZ



"I was that person that would get so nervous public speaking, that it almost made me sick thinking about it before hand and at the time. I went see Our Office about this, not knowing what the results could be. Wow, was I amazed.  They were able to guide me through a process that I was comfortable with. The next week after seeing them, I stood up in a crowd and my nerves were calm for the first time in my life. Thank you Our Office. As a business women I needed to get over the public speaking fear, and I sure did!"  —Liz Illg, Phoenix, AZ



"I was having severe panic attacks that were getting to be debilitating in my daily life before I went to Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic. For some reason, they came on when I was driving in the car. I had never had an accident or was not afraid to drive, so I didn't know why this was happening. Immediatey after meeting my Our Office, I felt relaxed and felt that hypnotherapy could possibly help me. I didn't know much about it, but my husband mentioned trying it, and I was open to anything that would help me get over the panic attacks. After the first session, I called my husband, and told him I was driving home relaxed and with one hand on the wheel again instead of being so tensed up. It was just a feeling of relief that we may have found something that would help me. Before this, I had panic attacks alot while driving, and I would have to pull over at every street I came to and try and calm myself down before I continued on. Sometimes it would take me hours to go a short distance. After seeing Our Office for 4 is amazing in the change in me. I RARELY have one now, but if I do, I can get myself out of them. They have no longer taken over my life and I feel normal again. My family doctor is also amazed at the difference he sees in me. I just want to say "thank you" to AHC's Hypnotherapists for what you did for me. I am feeling great and my life has improved greatly!!!"  —Susan, Phoenix, AZ



"This session made an immediate change in my demeanor. My confidence level to pursue and manifest my future is unbreakable!  —Amy, Charlotte, NC



"Even after the first session with Our Office I could tell that I had a shift or a release within my thought processes. I felt a little less intense with less baggage that was holding me down. Consciously, I have been able to recover from past issues, but subconsciously I kept sabotaging myself. I know I have many sessions to go and that this is a process, but after working with my Our Office I know this is the reprogramming my brain needs to help me let go and move forward."  Rae, Missouri



"Our Office has been instrumental in helping me unblock internal obstacles through Reiki, NLP and Visualization. Their expertise gives me the tools to acknowledge the power that is within me and find balance, focus and happiness. Our Office was quite patient and I know that she really want me to be all I can be. I know she has my best interest at heart and want me to have peace in my life. I come away from our sessions feeling renewed and capable of achieving anything I want to, knowing that everything is possible." Miriam, Missouri



"I have had the privilege of seeing Our Office in action. They are not only wonderful at what they do; they are truly compassionate, thoughtful, caring and genuinely want to see their clients do well in whatever endeavor they are pursuing. I would definitely use hypnosis without hesitation."  Danelle, Illinois



“Our Office's qualifications and passion for her business give her clients an in-depth and extremely personal service. "Personal" needs are met so you can be assured that you are the top priority for any need you wish to work with them on!"  Sandra, Missouri

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