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What We Do Treat

(Click here for a list of issues that we do not treat.)
Please note: We do not treat smoking and weight loss.
Anger (mgmt., temper, control)
Anxiety (control, panic attacks)
Anxiety, interacting with others
Anxiety, of people
Approval, need for
Attacking (verbally)
Boundaries, healthy
Childhood trauma
Confidence (determination, empowerment)
Confidence (therapists)
Confidence (young men and women)
Confidence (meetings, abilities)
Control issues
Deep relaxation
Ego strengthening, confidence & success
Emotional abandonment
Fear of being abandoned
Fear of commitment
Fear of criticism, being judged
Fear of emotional abandonment
Fear of failure
Fear of intimacy
Inner strength
Inner strength and peace
Intimacy (fear of)
Loss of a loved one, dealing with
Panic attacks
People Pleasing
Positive (thoughts, feeling, attitude)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Relationship challenges (also couples coaching)
Releasing negative messages
Responsibility, learning how to take
Self criticism
Self Doubt
Self esteem
Self Hate
Self Love (lack of)
Self sabotage
Self worth
Stress reduction
Stress, worry and anxiety
Temper, overcoming
Worrying, excessive

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