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Your Ultimate Ideal Client Attraction Program


The Definitive Guide to Manifesting Clients Who Will Buy from YOU!


  Effortlessly increase your sales without being "salesy" by leveraging how you naturally connect with your clients.


  Attract the clients who will buy from you who you WANT to work with, by reverse engineering your ideal client profile.


  Learn exactly how to get profitable results and happy clients via video and audio training and coaching.


  Grow from "side-business" to "full-time business" by applying the knowledge that 6-figure business owners practice about ideal client attraction.


   Learn how to avoid and eliminate "dud clients" for good.


  Pad-Lock Your Self-Worth with a Proven Price Point System, Coaching Audio 


Free Marketing Training - How to Attract Your Best Clients 40min


"Yes Our Office Staff! I am ready to learn how to attract MY ideal clients who will WANT my services and products!"





Your Ultimate Ideal Client Attraction Program includes:


Chapter 1:  How You Connect with Your Clients


  Learn the 13 most important questions you need to answer to begin profiling your ideal client and how you connect with them.


  Create a custom template for your business while engineering your personal Ideal Client Profile. Recommend using a notebook or journal.  


  Step-by-Step Walkthrough - Training Audio with Our Office Staff (32 min).  Includes Overview Video.  


(You will need to stop and start all of the audios often to fill in your answers.)




Chapter 2:  How Your Clients Benefit from Your Services


  Answering these 9 in-depth questions will provide the Power Words necessary to learn what you need to know about your ideal client.


  Homework: Begin Your Marketing Makeover by applying your Power Point Phrases with marketing coaching.  


  Step-by-Step Walkthrough - Training Audio with Our Office Staff (20 min).  Includes Overview Video. 




Chapter 3:  Reverse Engineer Your Ideal Client


  Identify and segment your ideal clients into 4 crucial groups, and plot the most important information for each group.


  ldentify key characteristics, needs and commonalities of each group. 


  Connect Your Marketing with Your Clients' Pain Points using your Power Words. 


  Raise your standards with a "Dud Client" checklist.


  Write your Ideal Client Descriptions. 


  Step-by-Step Walkthrough - Two Training Audios with Our Office Staff.  Training Audio Part 1 - (30 min) & Training Audio Part 2 - (41 min).  




   Selling What You're Worth & Setting Your Price Points  ($97 value)


  Identify and avoid common service-based business owner pitfalls.


  Why Explaining your Services is the Wrong way to sell. 


  How to Establish Yourself as the authority without drawing attention to yourself.


  Learn the difference between selling and "being salesy."  


  How not to low-ball your self worth when it comes to pricing your services.


  Two Fool-Proof ways to Happily Set your Prices, and stick to them.


  Learn what to do to make both you and your client happy without compromising your bottom line. 

  Training Audio with Our Office Staff (38 min).




Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic - Your Instructor


Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic is a Certified Hypnotherapist, published Author, Speaker, Ordained Minister, Reiki Practitioner, Life Coach, Business Coach, Business Administrator and co-owner of Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic.  Our Office Staff has been a practicing Hypnotherapist and Life Coach for 10 years. Our Office Staff has an aptitude for working with clients because of his extensive knowledge and expertise of the mind as well as his compassionate approach.  Our Office Staff helps his clients restore vitality by helping them to release fears and break through limitations, and is very committed to his clients’ paths of success.  Your Professional Friends at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic opened the Institute of Hypnosis in 2012, which offers real world tools and business marketing resources for Hypnotherapist Graduates of the program.  Our Office Staff’s published book, The Acceptance Guidebook, has been featured nationally on, the Phoenix Business Journal, FOX Carolina and more.  Our Office Staff was awarded "Life Coach of the Year" (runner-up) for Natural Awakenings Magazine in August 2014.




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Program & Service Terms and Conditions:


By purchasing this program, you agree that it is for your personal use only.  We ask that you do not attempt to share the content of this program as it is trackable online.